Workshop 'From Movement to Stillness' met Veda Ela - Torhout


A workshop on Conscious Movement, Meditation, Yang and Yin/Restorative Yoga with Veda Ela (www.vedaelayoga.com)

“We are Movement …We rest at the center of our Being.” Veda Ela



In this workshop we will explore the balance between:

Yin (female) and Yang (male), as yoga styles.Yang style practices are stimulating and toning while Yin practices are restorative and soothing.

We will include:

*Yang gentle Yoga style to ground and flow

* Conscious movement to “drop” into the body

*Yin Yoga to slow down and stretch deep tissue

*Restorative Yoga to rest and relax,


*  Yoga Nidra 

*  Meditation


The purpose is:

-  to connect with the body, switching off the mind

-     to release old patterns in the body, mind and breath

-  to release physical and energetic toxins

-  to learn letting go, bringing the focus into the present moment

-  to unblock energetic channels so the Chi (Life Force) can flow freely

-   to learn how to stop “doing” and start “being”

-   practicing going slow, paying attention and being still

-   the practice of deep rest and the listening of our own hearts


In the mornings of this workshop we will work with our LIQUID BODY. Through the practice of a gentle yoga Flow and Conscious Movement we will take a journey into the liquid freedom of our own body as it meets the structure of yoga asana.

Grounding, beauty, grace, as well as calorie burning are the main characteristics of this part of the work.


In the afternoons during THE ART OF RELAXATION (YIN/ RESTORATIVE YOGA and MEDITATION) we will give time to our bodies and create the conditions for relaxation and healing to occur.


In Restorative Yoga we emphasize the learning of “being” instead of “doing”.

Quietening of the mind is the supreme focus of this work, moving toward deep relaxation and a meditative state.






About Veda Ela

International Yoga Teacher and dancer Veda Ela (www.vedaelayoga.com) has over 25 years of experience in supporting people to get in touch with their body-mind-spirit to find more relaxation, calm and joy in their lives.

Using Yoga asana practice, meditation, Conscious Movement, healthy life style, environmental awareness and tools from therapy, she guides people to get in touch with themselves, finding out about their dreams and mission in life to align and make them come true!


For more info about Veda Ela’s work, please visit:


 Face Book: Veda Ela             Instagram: Veda Ela Yoga



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From Movement to Stillness (€90,00)

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01 mei 2019, 10:00 - 17:00 (GMT +00:00 London)

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Landstraat 11
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